UDI Management

Redundant free UDI Data Management. Because UDI Data is TD Data.

eTD based UDI Data

Do not maintain a redundant EUDAMED UDI database. Because UDI data is already part of your digital technical documentation.

Single Source of Truth + Audit Trail
Export / Import
MDR / IVDR ready

Intelligent Inspector and Automation

meddevo will keep a single source of truth. You are able to use your UDI Data anywhere you want to automate processes and documents. All Data is managed in regards of EUDAMED.

Reuse UDI Data in your Portfolio
Automate UDI Data for processes
Use UDI Data in automated Documents
Example: Declaration of Conformities

UDI Management Solutions

At meddevo, we understand the complexities of UDI (Unique Device Identifier) management in the medical device industry. Our UDI Management solution is designed to simplify this process, ensuring compliance with international regulations while enhancing traceability and patient safety.

What is UDI?

A Unique Device Identifier (UDI) is a system that uniquely identifies medical devices within the healthcare supply chain. It's a global initiative aimed at improving patient safety, modernizing device post-market surveillance, and facilitating medical device innovation.

Why is UDI Important?

The implementation of UDI is a significant step towards more transparent and efficient healthcare systems. It allows for better traceability of medical devices, improved patient safety, and more effective post-market surveillance. It also helps healthcare providers and regulators in their decision-making processes.

Our UDI Management Solution

Our UDI Management solution is designed to help medical device manufacturers navigate the complexities of UDI compliance. We provide a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of UDI management and the assignment of UDIs.

Are you ready to transform your UDI process?

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