Regulatory Submissions and Registrations

Redundant free dossiers for flawless country registration and TD reviews

Automated creation of Registrations

Create a registration TechFile in minutes instead of hours. meddevo eSubmissions will curate a TechFile automatically based on your desired products and country selected. All registrations are supervised by meddevo monitoring. So you will never miss an update in your file that you should have reported to the country.

Automatic creation of TechFiles
Country specific folder templates
Monitoring for current up to dateness

Stay up to date

You can review all registrations the way you want. The meddevo data management gives you the choice. Save as many views as you like and share them with your colleagues.

Dynamic Overview
Registration Data Management
Customizable Process
Connected to your automated eTD

eSubmissions - Streamlining Your Medical Device and IVD Registrations

Experience the Power of Automation for Your Country Registration and TD Reviews

Navigating the complexities of country registration and technical documentation (TD) reviews for medical devices and IVDs can be a daunting task. That's where eSubmissions comes in. Our software solution is designed to automate the creation of TechFiles and registration dossiers, saving you hours of work and ensuring flawless submissions.

Effortless Creation of Registrations

With eSubmissions, you can create a registration in minutes. Simply select your desired products and country, and eSubmissions will curate a TechFile automatically. Plus, with meddevo monitoring, you'll never miss an update that you should have reported to the country.

Stay Current with Ease

eSubmissions provides a dynamic overview of all your registrations. Our data management system is customizable, allowing you to review registrations in the way that works best for you. Save and share views with your colleagues to ensure everyone stays informed.

Connected to Your Automated eTD

eSubmissions is connected to your automated eTD, ensuring seamless integration and consistency across your documentation. With eSubmissions, you can streamline your process, improve efficiency, and ensure your medical devices and IVDs meet the highest standards of compliance.

Embrace the Future of Medical Device and IVD Registrations

Are you ready to transform your registration process? Experience the power of automation with eSubmissions. Discover how our software can revolutionize your country registration and TD review process.

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